Ain’t no stopping us now! The drip irrigation system for Aroma Fields is installed!

Aroma Fields is 1 of the 5 women-owned businesses supported by LifeLine Ukraine. Aroma Fields produces essential oils and natural cosmetics but its harvest, fields, and business operations suffered during the Russian occupation. Thanks to our donors, Aroma Fields gets the support it needs to survive and thrive throughout the war. We will keep you […]

Today numbers 210 days of war in Ukraine. A horrifying number that represents an unmeasurable amount of human suffering. Today also numbers 202 days of LifeLine Ukraine. A number that represents a measurable amount of help that a small group of people has provided to Ukrainians in hard-to-reach areas in Ukraine.

In these 200 days we have sent 27 trucks with 891 pallets with medicine, medical equipment, food, hygienic products, mattresses, and water containers to Eastern Ukraine. Over 3 million euros worth of our humanitarian aid was distributed through 14 locations in Ukraine with the help of 20 local Ukrainian organizations (see also our scorecard below). 3 […]

Duyfken (Little Dove). What a great suprise it was when Jasper and Marloes wrote to me to say that for the entire summer they rented out their beautifull bed&breakfast on their houseboat in the heart of Amsterdam with the aim to donate the proceeds to LifeLine Ukraine! It is heartwarming when people think of a way to offer their help to Ukrainians in need. Their houseboat is aptly named Duyfken (little dove) because this particular houseboat became a peace dove for Ukraine. Thank you Marloes en Jasper!

Why Ukrainian women-owned businesses make perfect sense. In this screenshot we are discussing our pipeline of Ukrainian women-owned SMEs that we are supporting with LifeLine Ukraine and Women In (WIN). The reasons to focus on women-owned SMEs in Ukraine are various. Men join the army more frequently than women. Women are often more resilient, conscientious, loyal, and long-term oriented than men. My 28 years in Eastern Europe simply show that women are often a better bet than men. And they are better borrowers than men.

With LifeLine Ukraine we provide aid to Ukraine on 3 levels: Day-to-day help through the supply of daily consumables; Medium-term help through the supply of goods for long-term use; Practical solutions aimed at boosting women-owned Ukrainian SMEs, through EU market access, business-matching/-development/-mentoring, micro-financing, equipment supplies. Recent reserach showed that women are indeed better microfinance borrowers […]