This morning I called Alex in Kiev, our loyal and hard-working general manager of LifeLine Ukraine.org , to wish him and his family a happy and, above all, peaceful new year.  “Happy 2023 Jeroen!”, Alex replied. “How was your New Year celebration?”, I asked. “The kids were happy because they received presents and because their grandparents came […]


When we started on the 4th of March of this year, we decided that each week until the end of the year we will send one 22-ton truck with humanitarian aid to Eastern Ukraine. This goals would add up to 43 trucks till the end of this year. One the one hand this seemed a […]

Santa’s gift workshop on the North Pole pales in comparison with the Cozy Christmas Gift Basket Workshop of LifeLine Ukraine.org in Gemeente Aalsmeer at FM Group! And look at these beautiful elves!!! (the 2+ meter tall elve is Wouter Hasekamp, if you were wondering. Dutch leves are a little taller than North Pole ones). (NB: all the Christmas baskets are sold out! Next up: The Cozy Easter Bunny Basket!)

#christmas#gifts#fromtheheart#of#ukraine Thanks to Sylvia van den Brink, to Iryna Tytarchuk of the Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center (ITFC) and to the companies of Women IN!

Cozy Christmas Gift Basket Action! www.cozychristmasgiftbasket.org In the last 9 months of the war in Ukraine we have all become used to sending humanitarian goods from the EU to Ukraine. With LifeLine Ukraine we are doing the same and will be sending well over 50 trucks with aid to Ukraine by next January.But! Now we also start bringing Ukrainian goods to the EU! And not any kind of goods but the best that the Ukrainian craft industry has to offer. We have created The Cozy Christmas Gift Basket that holds six items, including the Basket, that are handmade with love and care in Ukraine. Gifts of of high quality that are produced in a sustainable way. By buying the Cozy Christmas Gift Basket, you will directly support six women-led sustainable Ukrainian companies so they can start rebuilding.  And you have the perfect Christmas gift! A win-win situation.

LifeLine Ukraine.org helps women-owned businesses to survive and thrive throughout and after the war. We help with micro-finance, equipment supplies, with creating access to EU markets, and with business mentoring. And we do this on a pro-bono and voluntary basis. We selected 12 Ukrainian small women-owned businesses that produce fruits and vegetables, honey, grow flowers, […]

Since April we have been supporting the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital, even though what we have been doing is a mere drop in the ocean of their needs. I visited the hospital just a few days after the siege of Chernihiv was lifted in early April. The doctors and nurses who continue working there, literally, under fire, are true heroes. Just spend a few minutes to get an idea of the reality of these doctors, nurses and their patients. Many hospitals in Eastern Ukraine are working in similar conditions.

28 trucks have arrived, 2 are on their way and thanks to our corporate partners we have at least 14 more trucks committed this year and 2 trucks committed for January 2023. 46 Trucks and counting!

For the distribution of these humanitarian goods inside Ukraine we have built up a unique and well-functioning network. We cooperate successfully with the WFP’s Logistics Cluster and with the international humanitarian logistics services provider Atlas Logistique/HI. For the last-mile distribution into the hands of those in need we have built up a network of 21 […]